Sometimes the bar is low to enter the market

Posted on Fri, Aug 27, 2021 tools & tech notion entrepreneurship

Enter Linktree: solves the problem of social media only allowing 1 website link in your profile.

Maybe you have 2-10 links, or whatever, that you want your followers to know about. That's reasonable and it makes sense. Linktree gives you a landing page and a unique URL that allows you to list as many links as you want, which is possible with the free plan.

That's fair. It's not a high value need to begin with as there are so many ways to achieve a similar solution. However, if you want to do any sort of branding, it'll cost you $6/month. You'll also have to pay to remove the Linktree logo.

Linktree offersother features that are niche, so it could be worth the cost, but for 99% of users, those things won't matter.

I believe the premium features that will matter the most—for most users—are branding options.

Do it with Notion, for free

With Notion, you can have as many links as you want as well, but you can also embed videos, embed audio, brand the page, put some pictures up there, and generally do a lite more website-y things. This blog was generated from Notion, but that's another subject for later.

Here's how

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account if you don't already have one.
  2. Once signed in, make a new page by clicking the plus sign next to either the Private or Workspace sections.

  1. Start typing in the page to say what you want. Paste in links to show what you want. You can see my personal brand landing page here:
A branded Notion landing page.

  1. Once it's ready, at the top click Share, then click the toggle to share it to the web.

  1. You could put that URL in your social profile right now, but if you want to keep it neat and tidy, you could use one of the many URL shorteners such as Paste the link in the field and click Shorten:

The result will look something like:

  1. Paste this final link in your social media profiles. That's it.

Taking it further