Discovering caused me to quit my productivity app startup

Posted on Thu, Aug 26, 2021 tools & tech notion

Last Updated: @2021/08/27

7 Years

I spent 7 years building with my brother and then dissolved the company in 2020. It was a productivity app that combined the functionality of multiple tools into one. We left the website up for show.

If you're familiar with Notion, it'll sound similar. I had the idea as early as 2008, but didn't start on it until 2013.

We made a lot of mistakes running a startup, but learned a lot.

When I discovered Notion, I knew it was time to quit. It did everything I wanted (except chat), only better. Know the signs.

I realized very quickly I wanted to use Notion for everything. I also realized 4 years too long to keep trying.

Some high-level lessons on co-founding startups